​Barbie®, Stacie™ and Chelsea™ dolls are dressed in seasonal clothing and come with a snowmobile for Barbie® doll and a snowman for Stacie™ doll and Chelsea™ doll, plus a hot cocoa to warm them up. Play out all kinds of snowy adventures and family bonding moments. Put on Barbie® doll's pink helmet, and she's ready to go for a ride on her pink snowmobile. Stacie™ doll and Chelsea™ doll can have fun building a snowman. The three sister dolls are prepared for the cold with chill outfits and accessories to keep them warm -- Barbie® doll's colorful sweater has a hood with "furry" trim, Stacie™ doll wears a hat and scarf and Chelsea™ doll's pink hat with pom-pom is adorable. Even their snowman is accessorized with a warm hat. Play out snowy days and sisterly bonding with these sister dolls all year long! Includes Barbie® doll, Stacie™ doll and Chelsea™ doll wearing fashions and accessories, a snowmobile, a cup of cocoa and a snowman. Barbie® doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • ​Make every day a winter adventure with Barbie® doll, Stacie™ doll and Chelsea™ dolls together in one pack!
  • ​Barbie® doll can ride her snowmobile any time -- just put on her pink helmet and she's ready to go! 
  • Stacie™ and Chelsea™ doll can build a snowman -- he even has a hat! 
  • ​Barbie® doll is bundled up in a colorful sweater that has a hood with "furry" trim.
  • ​Stacie™ doll is ready for the cold in a colorful top, graphic print leggings, pink boots, a scarf and black hat. 
  • ​Chelsea™ doll stays warm in matching pink jacket and pants, silvery boots and a pink pom-pom hat. 
  • ​It's so much fun to play out winter adventures with these three sister dolls!

Cheap Barbie® Dolls with Snowmobile and Sled FDR73

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